ASMR Microphones: A Review of the Yeti Microphone for ASMR Artists

Blue Yeti Microphone Review for ASMR ArtistsWith ASMR videos becoming more and more popular, new ASMR artists are coming out of the woodwork in droves, leaving ASMR listeners with a multitude of videos to choose from. This is great for ASMR fans but not so great for ASMR artists because what is starting to happen is that viewers are becoming very picky about what they choose to watch. This ‘pickiness’ generally relates to sound quality. You’ll often read comments on YouTube or Reddit that say something like “The video is great but you really need to fix your sound quality’. read more

How to Read Microphone Specifications for ASMR

asmr microphonesUnless you are a bit of an audio geek, you have probably never really sat down and studied your microphone’s specifications. In fact, most people simply buy a microphone because either it’s cheap, the guy at the store said it was a good one, or they read a few reviews on the internet for a good sounding microphone. Rarely do they actually consider the specifications and what they mean.

We did the same until we really got serious about our microphone choices and it took us a long time to wade through technical jargon spouted by the audio experts. It’s actually not that easy to find information about microphones that is spelled out in layman’s terms so this is our attempt below. Honestly, there is a ton of information on the net if you want to really get into the nitty gritty and hone in on each and every detail, but we figure most people here just want to spend the majority of their time making good quality ASMR videos and not studying the technical aspects of it all. So this is a easy to read guide just to help you feel confident about what you are buying when you go searching for a microphone. read more

Choosing a Microphone for ASMR

In this video, we show you a number of different microphones that we use to create our ASMR videos. They are pretty much the most common types that you will see used by ASMR artists.

It’s also worth checking out our Best Microphones for ASMR page and also our indepth article on What to Look for When Buying a Microphone for ASMR.


3Dio Free Space Pro Microphone Test

This is a microphone test I did for the 3Dio Free Space Pro Binaural Microphone. We love this microphone and have started to use it for our ASMR videos. It creates an awesome binaural sound and is perfect for ASMR artists as it allows you to attach a camera right in front of the microphone…absolutely perfect for creating role play videos.

It’s kind of weird looking as you can tell from the image below but it does a great job.

3Dio-Freespace-Pro Microphone Test

Soundman OKM Binaural Microphone Test

In this video we go through how we set up the Soundman microphone and run through a microphone test.


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