About ASMR Academy

We are Wanda and Paula and our goal with our ASMR Academy  website is to help other ASMR artists improve the quality of their audios and videos.

The sound quality is so important when producing ASMR videos, you really need to focus on ensuring that your listeners are getting the best possible experience. This means keeping the microphone self noise to a minimum and ensuring that background noises are also kept at a minimal level.

Your Goal: Your followers will generally be listening to your audio when they are ready to go to sleep and your job is to make this experience as pleasurable as you can while giving them the maximum amount of brain tingles that your sounds can impart.

Our Goal: Is to give you all the advice and assistance to ensure that your videos do give your followers a relaxing experience.

So we will be reviewing the best types of microphones for ASMR artists to use, along with the best types of camera, tripods and other related equipment. If you are already making videos then you know how tricky it can be to get your camera set up for those overhead shots.   We will have training courses on software such as LogicProX, Audacity, Garageband, the Zoom H4n, iMovie and of course the all important YouTube training.  After all you need to know how to set up your YouTube Channel and upload your videos once you have produced them and maximise your YouTube Channel.


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