ASMR Microphones: A Review of the Yeti Microphone for ASMR Artists

Blue Yeti Microphone Review for ASMR ArtistsWith ASMR videos becoming more and more popular, new ASMR artists are coming out of the woodwork in droves, leaving ASMR listeners with a multitude of videos to choose from. This is great for ASMR fans but not so great for ASMR artists because what is starting to happen is that viewers are becoming very picky about what they choose to watch. This ‘pickiness’ generally relates to sound quality. You’ll often read comments on YouTube or Reddit that say something like “The video is great but you really need to fix your sound quality’.

The problem with sound quality occurs with many new ASMR artists because when they start out they generally use whatever it is they have on hand to record with. Usually it’s the webcam on their computer, their point and shoot camera or their mobile device.  These invariably have poor to average sound quality at best.

HOWEVER, when it comes to ASMR everyone is different and a lot of people love poor quality sound, so please don’t stop making ASMR videos just because you think your sound is not good enough.

yeti microphone review for asmr artistsStill, most ASMR artists starting out want to improve their sound and many don’t want to spend a fortune doing so. This is where the Yeti microphone comes into play. We have being using this microphone for quite a while now for some of our YouTube videos and podcasts and we love it. And why do we love it! Because it’s reasonably priced, it creates nice sound and it’s so simple to use.

This is the microphone we always recommend to anyone who wants to start creating ASMR videos and who wants a fairly decent microphone without breaking the budget. Sure it’s nice to have a binaural microphone but they can cost around $500 or more depending on what you buy, plus you need some sort of recording device to go with it which can cost another $200 or so. That’s a pretty hefty sum if creating ASMR videos is just a hobby for you.

So with this in mind, we decided to do an in-depth review of the Yeti Microphone so you can see if this is the microphone for you.

 What’s in the Box

  • microphone
  • microphone stand
  • USB cable
  • instruction booklet

How Does it Work?

The Yeti microphone is different to many microphones in that you can connect it directly into a computer via a USB cable. In fact, that’s pretty much all you need to do to get it to work. You don’t need to download drivers or do anything fancy.

Once you’ve plugged the microphone into your computer, you simply need to open up a program of some sort that will record the sounds. This might be Audacity, GarageBand or Logic Pro, these are the most common, but there are plenty of others available. The program that you use may automatically recognize the Yeti and work immediately. Others may not, so you will need to go into the settings for the program you are using, and change the input source to the Yeti.

Sound Quality

The quality of sound from Blue Yeti is really quite good considering the price of it and I mean really good. Now if you are some sort of audiophile then you will probably beg to differ but for us regular folk who can’t pick up on the minor nuances between one microphone and the other and just want a microphone that is clear and has relatively low noise then the Yeti is an awesome microphone.

We’ve not only used it for numerous ASMR videos but also for our podcasts and so do thousands of others. Podcasting requires really good quality sound since the focus is on the voices. Nobody wants to sit through a podcast with poor quality sound. So if thousands of podcasters use it, then that is a really good sign that this microphone has pretty decent sound quality.

Microphone Build Quality

In terms of build quality, this microphone looks great. It’s a sleek design and looks professional. But most importantly, the quality is excellent. This is a solid microphone that is well put together. You can feel the weight in it.

We have been using our Yeti for some time now and moving it around between different locations, so it’s seen a lot of work but it still looks like new. It’s not the sort of thing that will fall apart any time soon.

The Advantages of the Yeti Microphone

#1: USB Connection

The one big advantage of a Yeti microphone is that it can plug in directly into a computer via a USB cable. This means that not only is it super easy to setup, but you also don’t need to pay extra for a recording device like a Zoom H4n for instance, which is what you would have to do with most other microphones. This makes the cost of creating ASMR videos quite affordable when you compare to a binaural setup which can get quite expensive.

#2: Multiple Pattern Selection

The real beauty of the Yeti microphone is that you can select from four different recording modes:

  1. Stereo
  2. Cardioid
  3. Omni-directional
  4. Bi-directional

This is awesome for ASMR artists as you can record sound from different directions depending on what mode you select. So with the Omni-directional mode for instance, you can record sound from all directions – which means that although you won’t get binaural sound, you will get something close to it.

#3: Price

The best part of the Yeti microphone is the price. This is bargain pricing for what you get. The retail or list price for the Yeti is $149 BUT the general selling price is anywhere between $100 – $130. It has been known to sell for under $100 but that isn’t very often. Also bear in mind that color has a lot to do with the price, but read further on below for more info on this.

Where Can You Buy the Blue Yeti Microphone?

Amazon is our choice. It’s where we purchased ours and it usually has the best price. Click here to view the Blue Yeti Microphone on Amazon.

How to Get the Best Price on Amazon

Blue Yeti Microphone Review for ASMR ArtistsThe Yeti does come in different colors – silver, platinum, gray, black and white but each of these has a different price. So if color isn’t an issue for you then you can ensure you get the best price on Amazon simply by selecting the one with the cheapest price. This varies from time to time so it’s worth clicking the different colors to see which one is the cheapest.

Check out the image which shows you what to click when you get to Amazon.

ASMR Microphones - Yeti


Our Final Say

In a nutshell, we love this microphone. It is a perfect microphone for ASMR artists who are just starting out and don’t want to outlay a lot of money on a binaural setup. It has great sound, is easy to setup and use and it looks stylish in front of the camera. A definite thumbs up from us.

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  1. The question I have always asked myself while I watch these videos is, how do people record the videos with the microphone? Do people record the footage and audio separately an d edit it onto each other or is there something much more complicated than that?

    • That’s pretty much it. You record the footage and the audio separately and then combine them using a video editing software. That’s why you will see the clapper board when people are making movies or you can just clap your hands a couple of times. It enables you to synch the audio with the video when you are editing.

      • What editing softwares are most commonly used havent found any good ones.
        I use obs to record video and sound if i would make a video but need somewhere to edit videos dont know with what. Help please.

        • We use Adobe Premiere Pro. Took a while to get the hang of but really ASMR videos don’t need any fancy software to edit. Just something basic is fine as long as you can synch sound with the video if needed.

  2. I’ve been wondering, how to ASMRtists’ audio switch from the left to the right ear? Is it just editing the audio?

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