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Sometimes you will find that you are stuck for ideas so we have put together a big list of ideas to help you when you are creating ASMR videos.

The list includes both on and off-camera techniques with plenty of role play ideas, sound video techniques and voice recording ideas.

We will keep updating the list and welcome you to add any ideas that you may like to share in the comments below.

Currently 51 entries with more to come.

Beer Tasting Demonstration
  • Involves demonstrating different beers, tasting them and providing a review of the beer

Book Club Role Play
  • Involves being the main speaker at a book club
  • You could be suggesting books, leafing through them, providing a short review of a book, or reading short excerpts of a book
Book Collection
  • Go through your book collection describing each book, why you like it
  • Leaf through the pages and scrape and scratch the bindings to create sounds
Book Reading
  • If you like to read then take advantage of it by creating an ASMR video
  • You don't have to necessarily whisper the reading but it should be done in a soft voice
  • Keep it slow and steady to create a relaxing pace
  • You can read a newspaper, comic, book, website
  • Just be aware that most content has copyright so if you find yourself reading a whole book, you may be asked at some point to take it down - search for public domain books in Google to get around this
Book Store Role Play
  • You are a store assistant at a book store helping a customer choose a book
  • Ensure you flip through pages, tap the books and scratch and scrape the bindings
Brushing/Stroking the Camera/Microphone
  • Involves using makeup brushes and/or your hands to brush or stroke the camera and/or microphone
  • This is slightly different to a makeup role play as you are not actually applying makeup
  • You can be completely silent whilst doing this or just ramble on in a softly spoken or whispering voice
  • Always test the brushing of a microphone first as it can create quite intense sounds. Be gentle!
CD Collection
  • Get your CD collection out and video yourself going through it
  • Explain which ones are your favorites and why
  • Tap and scrape on the covers as you go through them for extra sounds
  • If you have a chess board then drag it out and create a video of you playing or just tap them together to create sounds
Chewing food
  • This is not everyone's cup of tea but there is still a big demand for it
Chiropractic Role Play
  • This can be done with or without a live patient.
  • Everyone has a kitchen (well almost everyone) so make use of it to create ASMR cooking videos
Cranial Nerve Exam
  • One of the most common ASMR role plays but very popular.
  • It involves working as a medical professional in order to assess the cranial nerves of a patient
  • Watch a real life cranial nerve exam

Doctor/Nurse Role Play
  • Involves playing the role of a doctor or nurse and providing a general examination or focusing on a specific ailment
  • Get out your set of dominoes and start playing with them on camera
  • Make sure you click them around a bit to get that tapping sound
Draw my life
  • Involves you drawing the stages of your life on a whiteboard, blackboard or electronic device.
  • You will need to be able to wipe the board or screen as you go through the process although you could just use a notebook and flip through the pages as you draw
  • Note that you don't need to be a good artist to do this
  • If you are a bit of an artist then this is the one for you, although you don't have to be a particularly great artist for this to work
  • Pencil scratching sounds can really work with this as does whispering along as you describe what you are drawing.
  • Check out Bob Ross on YouTube for good examples of painting videos
Ear Examination
  • Involves performing an ear examination
  • One of the most important aspects of this type of video are the sounds coming into each ear
  • Almost always done on-camera
Ear Piercing Role Play
  • Involves you being the person who performs an ear piercing on a customer
EMDR Therapist Role Play

  • Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing
  • Watch this video for an explanation of what it is

  • Asmrnovastar - one of the only examples we could come across
Eye Examination
  • Involves acting as an optometrist/eye specialist and providing an eye exam for a client
  • Usually done in front of the camera for best effect
Haircut Role Play
  • A very popular ASMR role play
  • Involves you being the hair stylist cutting and styling a client's hair
  • Does not necessarily need to be done in front of the camera
Hypnotist Role Play
  • Involves you being a hypnotist treating a client
  • If we have a computer in the house, then we will have a keyboard.
  • They make a great sound and can be used as part of a role play or on their own in a sound video
  • You could even create a cleaning video
  • Different keyboards make different sounds so test them out for the best sound

  • You could easily create a whole series of Lego videos
  • They can be pure sound videos or a video of you building something with Lego

Magic Tricks
  • This can include hundreds of different magic tricks including card tricks, sleight of hand tricks, coin tricks etc
Makeup Role Play
  • Involves becoming a make up artist providing makeup ideas and applying make up to a client.
  • Includes brushing the camera
  • Almost always done in front of the camera
Massage (also see Scalp Massage in this list)
  • A lot of people like watching other people get a massage, so grab a friend and create a massage role play
  • MassageASMR - this is just one of many massage videos from this ASMR artist
Microphone Test
  • If you have a microphone, then you can do a microphone test. It doesn't matter what the brand is.
  • You don't necessarily have to be in front of the camera to do this.
Mouth sounds
  • Not to everyone's taste but still very popular.
  • You can make intelligible sounds or pick words starting with 'ch' for instance and create an audio video
  • Ephemeral Rift - notice the mouth sounds created by the microphone - he does go on to chew gum further on in the video
  • AirLightASMR - one of the best artists for creating mouth sounds
  • SuperchillumASMR - this is a great video using the OM sound

Music Store Role Play
    You are the sales assistant in a CD store offering advice and suggesting different cd's
  • Gothick Whispers - an example of an off-camera video - just the records and the artists hands
  • You don't need to be an expert at folding origami to do this one
  • Grab a how-to origami book and start folding
Paper (see also Origami in this list)
  • You can make a lot of nice sounds with paper - crumpling sounds, tearing sounds. soft scraping
  • You can create some origami, paper mache and other paper crafts or just sort paper

  • These videos don't always trigger ASMR but if you can make a parody that triggers then you have killed two birds with one stone
  • Wyatt Kane - Wyatt creates a lot of parody videos so check out his channel for more

Pencils and Pens
  • Pencils make a great sound and you can easily do an entire video on just a collection of pencils
  • Can be done in front of the camera or just a pure sound video
Poetry Reading
  • Involves reading a poem
  • You can do this in person or just as a sound video
  • Ensure you keep in mind copyright issues when doing any sort of poetry or book reading. Search for public domain poetry on Google to avoid this issue
Rubber Gloves
  • Some people are triggered by rubber gloves as they can make a really good sound
Scalp Massage
  • Involves the sounds of a scalp massage
  • You don't necessarily need to be in front of the camera for this one
School/Career Counselor Role Play
  • You are a school counselor giving advice to a student
Scissors (also see Haircut Role Play in this list)
  • The sounds of scissors are very popular
  • You can incorporate the sound of scissors in a hair cut role play video or simply create a video cutting paper
Spa Role Play
  • Involves providing a variety of different services at a day spa
  • Can include a facial, massage, make up application, manicure, foot massage - pretty much anything that could be done at a day spa
  • There's a lot you can do with the space theme - check out the examples for ideas
Tarot Card Reading
  • Involves a role play in which you are providing a card reading for a client
  • Dark lighting and perhaps a lit candle can create the mood.
  • You don't necessarily have to be in front of the camera for this one. You can just video the cards and your hands.
Tattoo Consultation
  • You are a tattoo artist providing a consultation for a client

Teacher Role Play
  • Involves you playing the role of a teacher
  • Great scope as you can pretty much teach anything so could potentially do a series of videos
  • GentleWhisperings - learning Russian with Maria
  • ASMR Vids - an example of a teacher role play not done in front of the camera - hands only
Therapist Role Play
  • You are the therapist treating your patient
  • Lots of scope here as there are plenty of psychological problems that need fixing
Time Travel
  • You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to time travel because who's to know what the future will hold
Travel Agent Role Play
  • Involves you being a travel agent and assisting a client to make a travel booking
Tuning Forks
  • Some people love tuning forks and some people hate them with a passion
  • You can do a sound only video or incorporate it as part of a role play
Unboxing Video
  • This involves unpacking/unwrapping a product on screen.
  • You can be in front of the camera although many unboxing videos only video the box and your hands.
  • It can be done with or without talking.
  • Whenever you buy something, create an unboxing video for it.

Water Spray Bottle
  • A lot of people like the sound of water and the water spray bottle can be a really good trigger for many
  • SoundSculptures - a really good sound only video
  • MassageASMR - this one is quite good as he actually sprays the camera (waterproof)
  • TheJadeTapper - this just shows you how easy it is to create a water spray bottle video
Whispers/Softly Spoken
  • One of the most popular types of videos.
  • You can do a hundred and one things with whispering videos - just start talking about whatever you like
  • Too many to even choose from to list here. Just search for 'ASMR whispers' in YouTube and you will find plenty of examples.
Zombie Role Play
  • Involves being a 'normal' person in a world of zombies
  • Need to set a very dark gloomy scene to provide the best effect

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  1. Chiropractic Adjustment Videos says:

    Stuff where the audio is from the room with no music overlay, and you can hear their hands when they rub the skin and cloths while inspecting the patient, and then start tapping or pushing or pulling parts of the body.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. We will definitely add it to the list.

    • Hi my name is Jessica I am disabled I’m in a wheelchair but I can get out of it at any time I’m very independent I just can’t reach high I’m looking forward to going to school to becoming an asmr artists so my question is am I able to get hired to do asmr video’s where I have a disability or does the asmr company have a liability? Is this something that I can continue looking forward into or no? I’d like to hear back from you thanks

      • As far as I know, there are no companies hiring people to create ASMR videos. The majority of ASMR videos are created by individuals who do it for fun. They can make some money through advertising but they aren’t paid by anyone to make them.

      • George from Sleep and Relax ASMR says:

        Hi Jessica,

        My name is George and I’m the founder of Sleep and Relax ASMR ( S&R ASMR is pretty much exclusively a podcast at this current moment, but I have been interested in the idea of adding more of a video component to the show.

        The podcast is currently only 3 months old but is on pace to do 10,000+ downloads this month (October, 2016).

        I’m currently not looking to hire someone to help make videos / audio at this exact moment, but it’s something I’ve thought about, especially as the show grows and sponsors might get involved (which would then mean I’d be looking to release 3-4 episodes a week instead of two episodes a week like I do currently).

        I’d love to get in touch and hear about your experience with ASMR and to connect now to see if we can collaborate in the near future.

        Send me an email at:

        Looking forward to connecting and have a great day :).

  2. You could add “Beer Review’s” as an idea.

    Great list so far.

  3. Magic tricks! Or other deliberate, slight of hand routines. An element of mystery and magic really puts me off-kilter and sets me off.

  4. Some of my personal favorites are:

    Restaurant Role Plays
    Real Estate Agent
    Interior Designer
    Chocolate Tasting
    Wine Tasting
    Perfume Counter
    Jewelry Sales
    Any sort of sales that is like for some sort of special item

  5. It would be cool to have a window mannequin preparation video from the mannequins pov.

  6. Hi! I am righting a paper on ASMR recording techniques and i would be thankful if as many as possible could answer my survey.

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