Soundman OKM Binaural Microphone Test

In this video we go through how we set up the Soundman microphone and run through a microphone test.


3Dio Free Space Pro Unboxing

We did this video originally as an ASMR video for YouTube but thought it might be worthwhile adding here so you can see what the 3Dio Free Space microphone looks like. As it is made for ASMR purposes it is a little slow to get to the point so you might need to fast forward in places to see what is in the box.

Yeti Microphone Test

This is the test that we did for the Yeti Microphone. We take you through the different settings on the Yeti and test each of them with some tapping, crinkly sounds etc to see how they sound.

Listen to a Sound Test of the 3Dio Free Space Microphone

Click the link to listen to our podcast which was recorded  using only the 3Dio Free Space Pro Binaural Microphone. It will give you an idea of how this microphone sounds.

CLICK THIS LINK TO LISTEN –> 3Dio Free Space Pro Sound Test

What to Look for When Buying a Microphone for ASMR

Microphones for ASMRIf you are already an ASMR artist then you will know that one of the most common questions asked is: “What microphone do you use?”. This assumes of course that your microphone is generating fairly good quality sound. No one is going to ask you that question if your microphone hisses and hums and creates very low or poor quality output which seems to be fairly common amongst ASMR artists.

However, having a poor quality microphone isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’ve seen plenty of ASMR artists who have poor quality sound but are still very popular. What’s more important are the types of sounds, the voice, the visuals and so on. So the microphone isn’t the be all and end all of making good ASMR videos…it just helps and you will find that as you progress you will naturally want to improve your sound. read more

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